The Suburbs Of Hell: A Novel Randolph Stow

ISBN: 9780800874872



165 pages


The Suburbs Of Hell: A Novel  by  Randolph Stow

The Suburbs Of Hell: A Novel by Randolph Stow
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On the strength of this slim atmospheric ‘literary’ thriller, I like Randolph Stow. As the culmination of the craft of a distinguished Australian novelist, it’s strange, not to say perverse. Set in East Anglia, England, replete with dialect and loving evocation of place and culture, there’s not one nod to Australia in any of it, presumably rendering it ineligible for Australian grants or prizes and, for the most part, Australian plaudits, I suspect.

Meanwhile the mystery, apaque and semi-supernatural as it is, was probably never going to ‘cross over’. But in terms of quiet, competent, sometimes arresting craft this is pretty great. So too Stow’s love for his characters shines through. And the town! I can see it, smell it, taste it. (Never have I seen fog so well described!) No doubt it’s minor, but it’s some kind of classic. Vistitants next, if I can find it.

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