INDHUMATHI: Indhumathi translated to English Sarita Ravindranath by Dj


Published: May 28th 2015

Kindle Edition

160 pages


INDHUMATHI: Indhumathi translated to English  by  Sarita Ravindranath by Dj

INDHUMATHI: Indhumathi translated to English by Sarita Ravindranath by Dj
May 28th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 160 pages | ISBN: | 6.39 Mb

In a pretty Kerala village full of paddy fields and delicious gossip, a woman dreams of holding her own in a man’s world. The odds are against Indumathi. She gets no say even in her choice of a husband. But she wants to live on her own terms - even if it means breaking up her family and snatching what she thinks is rightfully hers.

In a story that moves from rural Kerala to Delhi, Dubai, Kashmir and Rajasthan, author DJ explores the psyche of a woman who refuses to be ‘good’ or play by the rules. Will Indumathi be able to stick by her strong beliefs?

Or will she have to give in and accept defeat?“The author brings alive a family and a story steeped in the beliefs and atmosphere of an Indian town. This realistic novel reflects the varied shades of grey you would find in any Kerala village. A fast-paced book you will finish in one sitting.”- V N Ashokan, Kerala Sahitya AcademyThe Novel written with Indumathi as the centre character, discusses the internal fights which a woman has to undergo while living in the family and society in simple language.- Mathrubhumi Weekly, July 13-2014This Novel, which is a truthful expression of the conflicting life of a village woman depicts the inborn traits of all human beings through its various characters.-Kerala Sahithya Academy, July 2014 issue.It is the guileless explication of very familiar village life described through colorful icons, which makes the readers get closer to Indumathi.-Kumkumam Magazine, August 2014 issue.Translators note:Gabriel Garcia Marquez said that he had great admiration for translators except for the ones who use footnotes.

As a first-time translator, Ive tried to avoid explainers. But can you really throw a yakshi or a Nalukettuor a sadya at unsuspecting non-Malayalee readers? The pleasure and challenge of translating Deepa Menons Indumathi was to take the nuances of a story rooted, and almost part of the rural Kerala culture, to a wider audience. So yes, some footnotes were necessary! Lets have more translations of Indian stories, so that at least a few words that define the lives of people in one corner of India become mainstream and familiar to the rest.About the translatorSarita Ravindranath is a journalist who lives in Chennai.

Currently Chief Editor of, she has worked with The Statesman, The New Indian Express and The Times of India

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