how to handle change - moving (Self Esteem Angel Series Book 3) Wendy Collier


Published: July 6th 2011

Kindle Edition

46 pages


how to handle change - moving (Self Esteem Angel Series Book 3)  by  Wendy Collier

how to handle change - moving (Self Esteem Angel Series Book 3) by Wendy Collier
July 6th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 46 pages | ISBN: | 10.24 Mb

Nick’s first assignment is to help Shaelyn and Alana cope with the upcoming change of moving. But, he has hit an obstacle so he asks the Self-Esteem Angel for help. The Self-Esteem Angel™ magically whisks Nick to Florida to engage the help of Aaron and Renee, who moved from Alberta, Canada to Florida, United States.“Wait for a few minutes, Nick and you’ll see different colors.

The neat thing about an ocean is how the colors change constantly. We can learn about change just by observing the ocean and other things in nature.”Nick thought for a minute then responded, “Like the changes of the season and the growth cycles of plants. I get that!”Aaron and Renee share the tools their parents used to help them look forward to the move.

They share their own experiences and give practical advice to children to help them adjust to a big change like moving.They also need to get involved in activities and sports after school, advised Aaron. That way they will get to know the kids in their neighborhood and in their class at school so they can make new friends.“Are the schools a lot different?” asked Nick.“Not really, we still do fun things.

There are some really cool field trips we do here that we couldn’t do in Alberta. For example, I got to go sleep overnight at Sea World,” grinned Renee.“And I got to participate in Kids’ Town at school and go on an airboat tour with my class,” said Aaron excitedly.Children and their families will learn that:Change is a big part of lifeWe need to accept changeFind ways to cope with the different types of changeEveryone goes through changes that are big and smallHow to deal with the emotionsWhether the move is big or small, the practical tips and tools will help all family members adjust to the many challenges and build a new life.Ages 5-12“One of the best features of the books is their accessibility and realistic nature.

Collier writes about situations common to kids- moving, fitting in, losing a pet, or just coming to terms with losing friends. They’re also incredibly useful books for parents and teachers- kind of a reminder of what it was like to be a child facing one of life’s obstacles. The stories are always engaging and interesting, and more importantly there are vital, practical messages to help.” Mark Weber, Red Deer Express

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